31 Oct

There's no communication! We don't get the minutes! Blah, blah, blah.

The lakehelmerichvillage.com website was originally set up to be a way the board could communicate better with the community.  We put all of the minutes online. Unfortunately some still complained. Since I resigned from the board, the site has hardly been used. 

Until now. Yay!

Collen McCorry has been working on bringing it back and using it as a communication tool as it was designed to be.

You can now get the minutes, every month, by going to the webpage and making sure you are signed up in the "FOR MEMBERS ONLY" section. 

Colleen stated that they sent out a notice to everyone in the village that they had an email for.

If you got this, great, if you didn't, start by looking in your spam folder to see if it's there.

Just follow the links and make your password. Voila! Now you can read the minutes etc.

If you did not get the email, just notify LHV at  office@lakehelmerichvillage.com and ask for them to send out a new email to you.


(If you prefer to go old school, they are still posted in a folder at the shop office. Just ask Kathy)

Now... here's the next thing.  I know that many people have told me that you won't go to the board meetings. I can't say I blame you.

But... If you want to drive out the old and bring in the new... There is power in numbers.

I know that some will ask why I won't go then? Well my case is different. And if you have read the rest of this blog, you know why. 

Still, if we leave it up to the same old group of people to make all the decisions...well, then expect a lot of the same. Now, that is not saying that some of the people that have been attending lately are necessarily in this group, so, please... no offense meant.

This time is ours, they've had there moment. And they screwed it all up in my opinion. It is time for change, and that means new faces on the board. It is time for some serious improvements. It is time our board has a code of ethics that they have to follow and the community holds them accountable for their actions. 

Show up, if enough of you start going, you never know... I might start going again too. 

P.S. Keep sending me your ideas of how we can improve our village. I will be compiling ideas and I will be putting them into a blog. (without your names of course)

Some board members have asked for ideas on how we can improve things at the village. So... let's give them ideas. Sorry but I think that a motocross track is probably not going to work. Fun idea though!