17 Nov

I'm not really sure what went on regarding speeding in the neighborhood, but it sure is the talk of the town. Yelling, fighting, threats?

What are you, in middle school?

I know first hand how some people in this community have no clue how to behave in society. They just bully their way through life, causing chaos wherever they go. They almost seem to enjoy stirring the pot. Everything from spreading lies and rumors to threats and even physical attacks.

Granted, I don't want speeding in the neighborhood either. But there is a proper way to do things. 

1. First thing you do is document it. You have a cell phone...video it if you can. Get a plate number or a description of the vehicle and driver. 

2. This should be reported to the board right away. The board needs to deal with this right away. That means a visit or call from a board member regarding the speeding. A formal letter regarding a complaint. 

Or...you can call the Sheriff's Dept. They will need documentation also.  (plate number, video, etc) 

The sheriff's dept is the only one who can ticket someone, but understand that the roads are considered private property within the village. There are only certain things police can cite on our roadways, and speeding and stop signs are not one of them.

But...they can be cited for, careless driving, reckless driving, limitations on backing and driving under the influence DUI.

Speeding through a neighborhood with kids can be very easily considered careless driving. That's a heftier fine than just speeding. 

Reckless is usually enough to take your license from you. This includes careless driving along with burnouts, drifting and acceleration and exhibition of speed. (Racing) 

The board could look into a contract with the Sheriff's department but we are in 2 separate counties. This is a problem with venue (jurisdiction) to cite. It may also come with a price to have police presence.

Another idea is to put up a radar speed sign. 

They cost about $3,400 and can be moved around the village. If someone was videoed or photographed with the sign showing the car breaking the speed limit, the board could potentially issue a fine under the nuisance section of the covenants. The photo is the proof of the violation needed. 

It's not a traffic ticket and does not effect your points, but a financial fine. The money from the fines can go back to paying for the sign. It will pay for itself over time.

Just do not take matters into your own hands.

For some reason some people would rather confront and threaten like a bully. As we have seen before, alcohol is sometimes involved. That truly is not the smartest way of handling things nowadays.

If you come at me screaming and threaten me, guess what, I'm calling the cops and you're possibly going to jail for harassment or assault. Even if I was speeding. And don't be surprised when you end up getting served with a restraining order afterwards. This makes it an automatic trip to jail every time you violate it. 

Be smart, use the proper resources.