20 Nov

Email me, it maybe time to pull together and sue the board for selective enforcement.

Selective enforcement is when a board member or members choose to apply certain rules and regulations in a discriminatory manner, giving preferential treatment to some homeowners while ignoring others. This means that the board or a single board member may be biased when deciding how to act in certain circumstances, leaving residents feeling ignored or discriminated against.


The street you live on is still not paved. There are 4 homes on your street. A past board member lies to you and says there is a rule that there must be 5 homes in order to qualify for paving. It is later discovered that there is no such rule. Another board member lives on a street with 4 homes and their street has been recently repaved. And another board member, prior to putting his home on the market has the road in front of his home re-paved. While others can't even get asphalt once. 

Other homeowners have been given promises that their road would be paved. Some of these owners have waited for nearly a decade and are once again being told NO by the board.

In October 2023 minutes it was stated that a access road on Garnetta Lane is a necessary expense in the future. Well cut a gravel road then. There are no homes there other than a board members home. There should be no reason to pave a street to nowhere while others have waited long enough.

Time to start holding LHV accountable to its responsibilities. 

I know that other areas need repairs also, but that didn't seem to matter to the board when they repaved their own streets. They did not put the money towards other bad areas first. 

And it didn't matter that some in the village don't have to repair or pay for road bond to repair the roadway after they cut it for their water line. And a board member gives them a pass because they're friends.

I don't care if it seems unfair. Now you're in my shoes. It is has been unfair for some of us for a very long time.