17 Nov

I spoke with a board member who stated they were told the dams were last inspected in 2021. I do not remember anyone telling the board members that the inspections were done in 2021 or 2022.   

 I have repeatedly checked the website.


It shows the last inspections were done on 11/24/2015. 

I asked this board member if they personally saw the inspection certificate? This board member said no, they were only told that.

I looked for the inspections while I was on the board, and I did not find any in 2021 or 2022. 

I'm asking the board now...

Please show us the 2021 inspection. Put it online with the minutes, so all can see them.

Because all I see, is that they have not been done since 2015. 

There should have been an update 2 years after the inspection, if it happened in 2021.

Which board member is claiming this also.

Inspection date is shown as 2015. A DATA last updated shows 2021. This is not an inpection date. 

Maybe I missed something, and I will admit my error... After you show me the inspections.

We are entitled to know the condition of our dams.