08 Oct

People love to gossip. Comments made online were...

"Instead of saying things online, you should have the guts to come to the board meetings."

Why should I?

I still cannot go anywhere in the village without being flipped off by someone. 

I am certainly not welcome at the monthly or semi-annual meetings. Not without having to deal with the snide comments and whispered epitaphs of, "you don't belong here" as you pass by, and those are the nice things they say.

If I don't show up, I'm criticized as a coward, if I do show up I have to put sunburn cream on from all the burning stares. 

I have no desire anymore of subjecting myself or my family to these meetings in an effort to prove some level of courage. 

So, I will speak my mind online through this blog.

Funny thing about this blog... Many villagers warned me that they thought it was a bad idea, because it would divide the community. Well, to be honest with you, the community was already divided. And has been for many years from what I've been told. 

Many of the lot owners and residents are never seen or heard. They keep to themselves, vote through the mail, pay their dues, but never show up for meetings and functions. 


Because they don't like the rumors and petty chaos brought on by the same small group that seems to be the only ones who attends many of these meetings. 

Like a high school clickPopular kids at this table, jocks over there...

These unseen and unheard lot owners and homeowners far surpass the number of people that go to the meetings. Those are the ones I reach. Hundreds of lot owners and nearly all of the homeowners. 

This medium reaches way more people. Proof technology can be a wonderful thing.

The response to the blog has been overwhelming. Shockingly enough, it turns out to be quite a growing crowd. Which gives me hope for our community.

Do you know why I built the LHV website when I was on the board?  

Because of the complaints of "lack of communication between the board and residents." 

To keep people informed. To have a level of transparency. So, villagers didn't have to hear it from the gossip group grapevine.

That way more villagers, who don't have time during their busy days or the desire to go to the meetings, could know what was happening in our village. So, we could hear both sides of a story and villagers could make an informed decision on the direction of LHV.

The truth, not gossip from people talking out of their posterior. 

I swear, being on the board was like being forced to watch Days of Our Lives.

Since I left, the HOA Board barely uses the LHV website and has actually removed a lot of it. It has now become basically worthless in keeping you informed. 

Don't get me wrong, not all the new board members are worthless. Some are wonderful people with an honest desire to do the right thing.

So, I will keep talking. I will keep posting. I will keep fighting to do the right thing. And I will keep fighting to bring Lake Helmerich back to its intended glory.

The difference between me and those of the gossip group... I document well. I investigate well. I ask both sides before I open my mouth. And I am allowed to have my opinion just like you. I just don't base my opinion on lies and gossip.

For those of you that just can't help spreading rumors and love to stir the pot with your chaos. 

Keep going, because one day your mouth will cost you.


These opinions are mine alone. You make up your own mind.