15 Oct

Wow, the hypocrisy is so thick you could cut it with a knife, but... sometimes growing pains come from having to tear it down first in order to rebuild it stronger and better.

The blog is having the effect that I hoped it would have. It's making people think for themselves. All  without having a small group of people with an elitist mentality try to control what you should feel or think. 

The blog is allowing discussion.

It's allowing freedom of speech.

It allows people everywhere to connect, share ideas, and advocate for change.

The change we seek is to improve our lives here at LHV. 

To be loving neighbors, in a community we can be proud of. 

To be honorable and ethical, courageous.

And to not spread malicious lies. Our burden of proof should always lie in the documentation.

Thank you for all your positive comments. For so long I have felt like a pariah in my own neighborhood.  It is good to know I am not alone.

Send your comments to:    admin@lakehelmerich.com 

In the upcoming months, I would like to open the blog to other contributors, so if you are inclined to... let me know.

I am looking for ideas on how we can improve LHV. Things you wish to see improved or changed. How do we improve not only our property values but also our quality of life?

On Oct. 15, 2023 a comment was posted on the Facebook Lake Helmerich Village Group by the website administrator.

He wrote:

"My concerns are that anyone reading the blogs would get a very biased and uninformed view of the Village based on a snapshot perspective instead of the full motion picture that we all know it to be."

Ed Cook

My response to Mr. Cook

Who is the "we" you speak of? You now speak for ALL of us?  And how do you "know it to be"? Or is it just your perspective? 

Who is uninformed? Who is biased?

Just like when you came with the same small group of villagers (that appear to be the only ones against my blog), to a board meeting to oust certain board members based off a very biased and uninformed view of the Village based on a snapshot perspective instead of the full motion picture that we all know it to be?

Just because you say it to be true, doesn't make it true. Biased? Uninformed?

There are 2 sides to every story. You shouldn't be afraid to listen to the other side.

I am willing to hear both sides, questioning courteously and then clarifing. before I make up my mind. 

So...Ed Cook....Are you now the self-appointed “fact-checker” selectively flagging blogs with which you disagree, insisting that they are inaccurate, uninformed or biased? 

I guess it's okay for you, especially when you've controlled the narrative for so long. I think maybe the power and elitism got to your head. 

Now there's a new threat to to your perceived societal control and you can't have that. So you criticize me and my site as uninformed and biased? I lived through it, and documented every minute of it. You got your information through second hand (biased) sources. And you never questioned the veracity of what you were being told. Seems like you basically told people what you thought they should believe.

Are you going to let people judge for themselves or are you offering only your opposing opinions without facts to back them up?

Fun to watch how people have responded more favorably to my blog than you thought they would. Looks like that post sort of backfired. You surely didn't get the response you hoped for? 

Oh and by the way...Thank you for driving pretty much everybody to my blog. It also seems the few that were siding with you are starting to rethink after reading my blog. And it appears your provocative little posts are garnering little if no response. Maybe your reign as Guru of all things LHV have passed.


I am not out to hurt my community because I was wronged. I am using being wronged to help my community.