13 Aug

Some have asked me what my motivation is with this blog. 

To be honest, I have spent many sleepless nights fighting with the pain I have suffered at the hands of a lot of villagers. I have prayed consistently regarding all that has happened and asked GOD how I should proceed. Should I sue the HOA and certain villagers and parties Involved for defamation, slander and libel? Maybe... I got plenty of documentation for that...  So... What do you want from me GOD?  Ethically and morally, what is the right thing and right path to take? Will I look vindictive if I go ahead with the lawsuits? Who would I really be hurting in the end?

I have spent my entire career fighting for the right thing, for justice. Serving my country and then my community. My life was centered around defending those that were less fortunate or innocent victims. Proudly showing what I believed to be honor and integrity. Always striving to do the right thing, no matter how difficult it might be. 

So, after much thought and prayer and discussion, I realized, all I wanted is to be heard. That's it... I just want to be able to defend myself from all the lies. To be able to put my story and documentation out there. I'm not out to convince you of who is right or wrong. I just want you to hear both sides of the story and then decide the truth for yourself. 

There are a lot of people who have never heard the other side of the story, nor have they had the common decency to even ask. It's easier to shun my family and not get involved.

I moved here with the dream of being able to retire on a lake. A dream that me and my wife shared. When I first moved here, everyone was so nice. I was even convinced that I was needed on the board. Even by Kevin, the very man that I’m despised for. 

I truly have no vendetta against anyone. But I do want to be able to defend myself. 

I tried very hard to be professional as a board member and wanted only to improve the very village I live in.  I was tasked by others to do things that I later got blamed for. 

But, I have to say... being on the board was an eye opener. I also saw a lot of issues with how things had been managed over the years. To say the least, I was not impressed. Lack of proper documentation, no safety programs, no preventive maintenance program, good ol' boy deals, selective enforcement, or lack of any enforcement, and list goes on. We were going to have a long road ahead of us. But, I was going to try my best to leave the village a better place. 

After Kevin left, many lies about me were posted and spread. Many threats of violence yelled at me and my family. Threats for me to, "Better watch your back." The constant intimidation has taken its toll on me and my family. 

I still cannot go anywhere in the village without being flipped off by someone. 

The truth is out there, and I will speak regarding information that I can. Private information will remain private. I will not say any untruths,  everything I talk about I have a recording of or some form of documentation. But in the end, you decide. 

It's been a year, and the nice thing about time is that most of the private information has already been publicly shared  by some of the parties involved. Some individuals can't help but to JUST KEEP TALKING! Many people called with information that was very enlightening, all of which they were more than happy to share their documentation... But, I still have people come up to me to see if I've heard the newest untruths being spread in the surrounding  communities, like the lie that I picked a fight and assaulted Kevin... I just keep logging all the names, dates and times.

Even after a year it has not stopped. So, who are the vindictive ones? Facebook LHV has all kinds of false comments which I take screen shots for documentation.

Many do not know that as a board member, I was attacked by another board member. But, after much discussion, I decided to take the higher road and forgive. I even dropped the restraining order. But Tim Meyer's anger issues went unchecked by the board and he went on to assault others. He was found to also be driving in our community while intoxicated. What happens when he crashes into your loved ones and kills someone? And yet, he is still on the board. He has never been censured or reprimanded or asked to resign. I just do not believe he should have a position on the board. 

But you decide. 

Other board members breached their duty regarding rules of confidentiality and shared private information to others in the village and then continued to deny any involvement, even though many people later came forward with information contradicting him, including Kevin himself. In my opinion, this board member, Dave Mayse, did everything he could to undermine the board and divide this community. Because, in his vengence, he wanted the board to pay for Kevin resigning. I and others believe he thought if he could work the community up enough, and get the villagers mad enough they would ask for our resignations, (which they did) then Mayse, in his twisted mind, would be the hero, maybe he could be President and he would be able to convince Kevin to come back.

I personally place most of the blame on Dave Mayse for the loss of Kevin. He continued to push his personal narrative to Kevin and the villagers about the board wanting to get rid of Kevin after Kevin had resigned the first time. Even though the entire board voted their desire to keep him as an employee and refused to accept his resignation. Including Mayse's vote.

It is my opinion that Mayse made Kevin feel as though he had no other choice but to quit. The board doesn't like you, the board wants you gone... The fact that the board would dare question Kevin's performance made Mayse so mad that in his anger and his desperate attempt to defend everything Kevin did, he inadvertently made things worse by what the board believed to be lies in his attempts to cover for Kevin. 

In a letter to the board from Kevin, Kevin himself contradicted Mayse's account. It showed Mayse had lied to the board. 

Mayse ended up causing many more issues by being deceitful to the board. The board felt that Mayse was showing an extreme and obvious level of favoritism for Kevin. Mayse even admitted that it was more than friendship between him and Kevin. Mayse then made a number of veiled threats to the board should the board accept the resignation. Mayse has done more blame shifting than anything else. 

I believe if Kevin had not listened to Mayse and just talked to his supervisor and the board, he would still have his job. Mayse told the board that he told Kevin not to worry about it and that he would take care of things. Probably a bad idea to be convinced that Mayse should be his spokesman. This was Kevin's issue and Kevin should have gone through his supervisor to explain things. But by the mere act of  refusing to call and instead, have other people fight his battles, well, that proved to be bad advise and made a simple issue into a minefield of questions. 

I do not even know if Kevin knew what was truly being said to the board on his behalf by Mayse.

I also believe that Mayse was extremely mad at me because I called him out on the discrepancies in his story. Basically, he got caught. 

Have you ever been around someone that gets caught in a lie, yet for some dumb reason, keeps the lie going? They are so afraid of having to admit it. 

Because Mayse was so desperate to defend Kevin. Mayse just continued to dig a deeper hole. The more he talked, the worse he made things. Three of the board members told him they believed what Mayse was saying was a lie. But even after being confronted with the truth, he kept with it. 

Why me? Why choose me to place your wrath upon? Because I was the one that pressured him for proof. I now became enemy number one, the bad guy. And because I pressured him on it, he vowed revenge on me, but also Sarel and Ryan. Look up the term "Narcissistic Rage " Same thing happened with Tim Meyer. After the attacks, I called him out on his lies and confronted him as being violent and that he should not be on the board. 

Between the two of them, I believe they made Kevin feel that he wasn't wanted. Mayse convinced everyone else, that all of Kevin's woes were because of the board members, but mostly me, because I spoke the truth. 

This of course was all documented in its entirety in audio recordings. As I did with all my interactions. 

I never had anything against Kevin...

The first time me and my wife met Kevin at the pool, he expressed how the board was horrible, how he had not got a raise for years. How the village would not be here without him and how much money he has saved the village. I truly felt bad for him. But we also remembered asking him why he would stay if it was so bad? 

I now realize now that Kevin had probably been unhappy for much longer than I had been a board member. He was supposedly angry and may very well have had a reason to be angry. I don't know, I wasn't there. I don't know what happened in the past. 

Yet, I was blamed, I was made the scapegoat. Probably because I was the new guy. The "outsider" who, as many villagers said, "Didn't  belong here." 

I also feel I was singled out because I was a threat. I'm not shy... I called people on things. I was never afraid of asking lots of questions and confronting either of these board members. 

All I ask is that you honestly seek to find the other side of the story. Ask me if you want. Ask past board members. I'll tell you what I can. I'll back up what I have to say with documentation. No heresay. 

I hope this blog only helps you discover that truth, and that we as a community are able to move forward and improve this little slice of heaven.